About EDON Place

Service Vision


A community in which domestic and family violence is unacceptable.

Mission Statement

To provide a holistic approach to people affected by domestic and family violence with the necessary support and resources to alleviate poverty, distress, homelessness and ill-health to break the cycle of domestic and family violence.

Service Values

1. Domestic and family violence is a violation of human rights that is not acceptable in any community or culture.

2. We are committed to the values of integrity, respect and accountability.

3. We value and encourage care, excellence, innovation, creativity, leadership and equity within our organisation.

4. We demonstrate our values through effective engagement with other stakeholders.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality at EDON Place is considered “team based” which means that all Support Workers at our Service may have access to information about your circumstance, to enhance our service provision. This will not occur if you identify that there is a staff member that has an ethical responsibility not to be involved in your matter.

EDON Place keeps records of your interaction with us (case notes). These records are stored securely. These notes record relevant aspects of our conversations with you. We do not record our personal assumptions or make assessment of your situation. It is important for you to be aware that these notes can be subpoenaed by a court. Your right to confidentiality will be respected at all times. We will not discuss your situation without your consent, except in limited circumstances.

Confidentiality may be limited in some circumstances. These limitations are in accordance with Practice Standards for working with people experiencing domestic violence, and EDON Place policies on confidentiality. These documents are available at your request.

Duty of Care/Protection of Children

This service is not part of Department of Child Safety, however we do have a policy of reporting cases where we believe there is child abuse or neglect taking place, or if your children are at risk of harm. We will always endeavor to undertake any reporting in collaboration with you.

Duty of Care

This Service has a duty of care to notify relevant authorities (Hospital, Mental Health or Police) if we believe that you are at immediate risk of harming yourself or another person in the community. Again, we will always endeavor to do this with your collaboration, or knowledge.

Subpoena from a Court

Your file can be subpoenaed by a court.

Our Committee

EDON Place is managed by a volunteer Management Committee. Vacancies may arise on the committee at different times throughout the year. If you are interested in applying to be on the committee please contact the Service Director for more information.

Email: servicedirector@edonplace.org.au

Phone: 07 4153 6820 for more information